Pricing Simulation

The Pricing Simulation platform is designed to create a seamless experimental environment for development of new offers.

Pricing Simulation platform for Telecom

Best commercial offers

There’s always a fierce battle between competitors in launching the best commercial offers for their clients. Though, how exactly to build them is not straightforward

High volumes of data

The platform ingests and analyzes high volumes of historical client behaviour data (CDRs and other metadata), allows the constructions of pricing plans and business case assumptions.

Intelligent Platform

Taking into account the provided data, our intelligent Platform can accurately predict the optimum tariff plans for customers, generate business case projections based on cost and commercial assumptions, generate factual post-implementation reviews and compare them against the projected business cases.

Pricing Simulation objectives

Pricing Simulation

The Pricing Simulation platform is designed around the following key objectives:

  • To automate the capture, storing and update of pricing related data
  • To provide an easy-to-use yet flexible design tool that can accommodate complex offer structures
  • To manage and facilitate the use of information and data relevant to pricing analysis
  • To enable the testing and simulation of new offers against real-usage data from the whole customer base
  • To enable the organization to learn from previous experiences
  • To create an experimental environment with the freedom to innovate
  • To create a collaborative environment and propagate the sharing of information
  • To provide a solution that is future proofed and scalable