Who we are

We are a team of tech-savvy professionals, with relevant experience in many areas and cutting-edge technology.


Our mission

  • Our mission is to create empowering tools that help our customers boost their competitive advantage
  • Our vision is to harness disruptive technologies that will shape the digital future of our world
  • Our values are: performance as a feature, integrity in everything we do and a relentless effort towards customer satisfaction

Our experience

  • Telecom: Revenue Assurance, Billing, Capex Optimization, Price Simulation, Usage-based Data Analysis
  • Big Data & Data Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Blockchain solutions & Apps
  • Web, Mobile & Desktop apps
  • On-Premises and Cloud hosted services

Our Expertise


Billing, Capex Optimization, Price and Usage-based Data Analysis and Optimization


Revenue Assurance, Capex Optimization, Fraud Detection & More


Decentralized, Open, Secure, Highly Scalable Blockchain solutions and Apps


Our world produces more data than ever. Data is the new oil.


Automate your tasks through smart and self-learning technology.


Reach your full market potential through user-friendly Web & Mobile apps.


On-Premises and Cloud hosted services.

Our Products

Among the most important products in our portfolio

SimBox Detection

44Tek Telecom

Detect fraudulent behaviour by analysing huge volumes of traffic.       

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Pricing Simulation

A3 & 44Tek Telecom

Predict the optimum tariff plans for customers using historical behaviour data.

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CAPEX Optimization

A3 & 44Tek Telecom

Suggest optimisation strategies for the telecom network to get the best coverage.

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Voice Biometrics

44Tek Telecom

Build a voiceprint on which the customer can be automatically recognized.

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